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Grand Lodge Officers

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Patriarchs Militant
Patriarchs Militant Officers

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Grand Encampment Officers

Patriarchs Militant & Ladies Auxiliary Association

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The Patriarchs Militant are the uniformed branch of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF), one of the oldest and largest fraternal orders in the world today. The Patriarchs Militant were established by the Sovereign Grand Lodge - the international governing body of Odd Fellowship - back in 1886.
Elective Officers
Department Commander Brigadier General Roland W Longacre
Vice Commander Colonel William D Tull
Commander 1st Regiment Colonel Austin A Pirrone Jr
Commander 1st Battalion Brigadier General William E Sollars Jr
Commander 2nd Battalion Major Richard Humbert
Commander 2nd Regiment Colonel Donald B Smith
Commander 1st Battalion Major Jerry Lynch
Commander 2nd Battalion Lt Colonel Michael K Lynch
Representative to the GMC Brigadier General Louis P Butler
Representative to GMC Lt. Col. Louis P. Butler
Adjutant Major Richard F Adams
Quartermaster Major Marvin E Brown
Chaplain Colonel Thomas L Kates
Aide to General Commanding to be appointed
Officer of the Day to be appointed
Officer of the Guard to be appointed
Inspector to be appointed
Equipment Officer Lt Deborrah A Newman
Sentinel Chevalier Joseph Messick
Picket Colonel Donald B Smith
Color Sargeant Brig. Gen. ® Howard G. Malin
Membership Chairman Lt. Col. ® Robert E. Beatty

Auxiliary Association Officers
President Lady Katherine R. Gunther
1st Vice President Lady Peggy Echard
2nd Vice President Lady Sharon Thomas
Secretary Lady Mary L. Lang, PPIALAPM
Treasurer Lady Doris Jean Tinder, APP
Jr. Past President Lady Rose Hollmuller
IALAPM Rep. Lady Mary L. Lang, PPIALAPM
Officer of the Day Lady Marge Stanley
Officer of the Guard Lady Phyllis Holtman
Chaplain Lady Jeannice Bulson
Color Sergeant Lady Dolores Hardesty
Color Guard Lady Lilly Smith
American Color Bearer Lady Joan Walton
Canadian Color Bearer Lady Woneda Kenny
Musician Lady Elsie Cullum
Sentry Lady Ethel Reese
Picket Lady Elizabeth Poling
Right Aid to the President Lady Jennie Sue Pearson
Right Aid to the 2nd VP  
Left Aid to the 2nd VP  
Right Aid to the Chaplain  
Left Aid to the Chaplain  
Hospital Matron  
State Instructress  Lady Phyllis Holtman
Honor Guards Ladies:  Emily Given
  Margaret Verry
Bertha Lloyd
Special Aide to Washington #1 Lady Jeannice Bulson
Special Aide to Baltimore #3 Lady Mary L. Lang, PPIALAPM


No. Name Location (Map) Frequency Weekday Time
1 Washington 7515 Marlboro Pike, Forestville 4th Thursday 7:30 p.m.
2 Monumental 201 Baltimore St, Dundalk 3rd Friday 8 PM
3 Baltimore 2911 Churchville Rd, Churchville ? ???day 8 PM
5 Hagerstown 301 W Howard St, Hagerstown 4th Tuesday 8 PM
6 Poolesville 17821 Elgin Rd, Poolesville 1st Friday 8 PM
4 Kent-Sussex 105 W Main St, Felton 2nd Wednesday 8 PM


No. Name Location (Map) Frequency Weekday Time
1 Washington 7515 Marlboro Pike, Forestville 4th Tuesday 7:30 PM
2 Monumental 201 Baltimore Ave, Dundalk 1st Friday 8 PM
3 Baltimore 2911 Churchville Rd, Churchville 4th Tuesday 1 PM

No. Name Inspection Installation Visitation
1 Washington 11/28/02 01/26/03 03/25/03
2 Monumental 10/04/02 01/03/03 03/07/03
3 Baltimore 10/22/02 01/28/03 03/28/03

Uniform Configurations

In an effort to preserve the traditions, here is a list of uniform configurations. Select the position of interest and click Go for a description.

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